Astroguards are the valiant defenders of the Union of Sovereign Star Systems. 28mm metal figures  were funded on Kickstarter!

Not quite space opera, more like...

The Star Schlock universe is filled with robots, aliens and adventure inspired by sci-fi of the 70s and 80s.

The Union

of sovereign star systems

The free worlds of the Union depend upon the courageous defense of their borders by the Astroguard legions. Expeditionary forces led by the Union Stellar Navy strike at threats growing beyond their borders, while the science vessels of the Explorer Corps journey on five year missions to boldly go where none have ventured before.



Beyond Union space lie the Disputed Territories — human colonies, lost alien outposts, and the tomb worlds of civilizations long collapsed. The space between these forlorn stars is plied by space pirates, rebels, bounty hunters, and criminals. In this lawless sector, illicit goods, contraband, and beings held as chattel are traded among the Fleshmarkets of the sinister Sleazoids.

The Totalitarian


The antagonistic worlds of the Totalitarian Dominions are united in only one purpose: the utter destruction of the Union of Sovereign Star Systems!  Tyrant warlords, self styled Imperial regimes, and petty alien kingdoms rule their domains with an iron fist. The brainwashed dronetroopers and hordes of alien soldiers make frequent forays into the Disputed Territories, seeking to wrest control of Union worlds.

Each white-knuckle battle is another exciting chapter in the Star Schlock Universe!

A set of figure agnostic sci-fi wargame rules.

Play Any Battle You Want!

Flexible unit profiles let you represent the heroes and villains of the Schlockiverse or your favorite sci-fi property. Play battles with 6 to 30+ miniatures per side.

A hand of cards gives each player tactical flexibility.

Tough Decisions Every Round!

Use your hand of cards to jockey for initiative, then use the card played for initiative to grant one of your units an extra action. Gameplay is tactical, but you won't be sure what your opponent is planning.

Goober and son play Star Schlock.

Everybody Gets a Chance to Play!

Test your mettle when you play one-on-one against another player, bring Star Schlock to the club for a wild multi-faction brawl for six or more players, or set up battles for all manner of game sizes in between.

Plus: Explosions! Fires! NPC Civilians & Adversaries! Vehicles! Love! Betrayal!

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The first series of Star Schlock miniatures from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Collect them all!

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