It is an uneasy time for humanity. The UNION of SOVEREIGN STAR SYSTEMS, long a bastion of freedom and justice in the galaxy, now faces threats from beyond the frontier as well as betrayal from within.

The Union

of sovereign star systems

EARTH, a shining beacon of freedom in the 25th century has become the political center of an ever expanding alliance of worlds, human and alien.


The courageous soldiers of the Astroguard defend the Union frontier against incursions by hostile powers, aliens and raiders.

union star navy

Tasked with patrolling interstellar space between Union worlds, as well as braving the unknown threats beyond their borders, Union naval personnel are often required to leave the relative safety of their spacecraft. These elite starfighter and gunboat crews may be the only hope for beleaguered miners, colonists, and explorers facing death in the depths of space.

the Totalitarian


Beyond the frontier plot the sinister overlords of the TOTALITARIAN DOMINIONS. Former rivals, they now set aside their differences to achieve a single goal—the utter destruction of the UNION!

The eternal empire

Led by an immortal emperor, a master of the mystic arts of a bygone age, the EMPIRE'S brainwashed soldiers crush their foes beneath their unwavering march.

The Viper Legion

Former officers of the Astroguard who betrayed their oaths, the leaders of the VIPER LEGION are now in league with the DOMINIONS. Seduced by a fringe snake cult, and indulging in their basest desires, the forces of the LEGION plot with spies and saboteurs to conquer the UNION from within!

The Frontier

Caught between the two superpowers lie the unaligned worlds of the DISPUTED TERRITORIES. Home to pirates, outlaws, petty star kingdoms and failed human colonies, the FRONTIER remains a dangerous  but potentialy vital source of allies for both sides.

The Sleazoids

SLEAZOID CLANS haunt interstellar trade routes and the dark alleys of frontier outposts. Cunning, devious and immoral, their merchants and pirates trade in all manner of illicit goods, taking by force what they can't attain by coin.


Founded by refugees from EARTH'S Third World War, the once egalitarian COLONIES were rotted from within by corruption. A shadow of their former glory, their colonists are now conscripted into futile power grabs by vain political apparatchiks or press ganged into service by nearby Territorial realms.

The Necronauts

Animated by alien energies, the shambling undead NECRONAUTS haunt drifting space wrecks and abandoned outposts across the frontier. Their motives remain inscrutable, yet they seem drawn to the mysterious cthonic ruins that litter the dead worlds lying among the dread WHITE NEBULA.

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