Wage epic skirmishes between the forces of good and evil to determine the fate of the galaxy with the Star Schlock Battle Game!

  • Big skirmish: Field a handful of heroes and a few squads of grunts for a well balanced force, or try pitting half a dozen heroes against a full platoon of mooks!
  • Perfect for 28mm, flexible for other scales: Ranges are independent of real world measurement. Use inches or centimeters, 15mm to 54mm figures.
  • Built for speed: No complex calculations. No fussy measurements. Designed to keep you engaged in the battle, not nose deep in the rulebook.

The Star Schlock Battle Game allows you and your friends to wage interstellar war right on your tabletop. A "big skirmish" game, Star Schlock lets you pit forces as small as six unique characters against opponents of up to 30 enemy grunts, or a variety of force sizes in between. Use figures from our line of Star Schlock miniatures or deploy minis from your own collection, regardless of which fictional universe they hail from.

A typical Star Schlock force.
No figure left behind

Star Schlock encourages you to bring a well rounded force to battle. Deploy elite soldiers, competent officers, and plucky civilians to gain an advantage in tactical flexibility. Find synergy between unit abilities to turn the screws on your opponent. Populate your force with:

  • Characters and Groups: Represent your heroes, villains, and sidekicks with single figures. Deploy groups of five figures to fill the ranks of your soldiers, goons and mooks.
  • Civilians, Scientists, Politicians and more: In the bright future of the 25th century, there's more than just war. Star Schlock can populate your table with non-combat bystanders and make them matter.
Tough decisions every round

You'll never be stuck in the predictable rhythm of an I-GO-U-Go system, or hamstrung by poor dice rolls or card draws that prevents one of your units from even activating. Balance your immediate tactical needs against preparing a long term plan to unleash each round with Star Schlock's unique Command Card activation system.

  • Concentrate your firepower: Need to focus on a weak point in an enemy line? Dedicate your commands to just a handful of your units.
  • All units engage: Or make a broad sweep by dispersing activations to each unit you command.
  • You can't do everything, so pick what matters: Make the best of the cards you draw, but never feel luck has crippled your decisions.
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