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Schlocklog Issue 1

$ 12.00 USD
Throughout its original broadcast run, Schlocklog was the premiere fanzine for the Star Schlock television program. Volume I (running through issue 250) ceased publication in 1990, but with the imminent release of the Star Schlock Battle Game Schlocklog returns in an all new format! Reprinting classic articles along with newly written features each issue of Schlocklog details the factions, creatures, and places that make up the Star Schlock Universe, including behind the scenes tidbits of the pop culture phenomenon. Plus, each issue of the all new Schlocklog includes game material and sneak peeks of the upcoming tabletop game.


  • A 28 page print magazine packed with details, reprinting articles from 1978's 10th anniversary retrospective. A great overview and introduction to the Star Schlock Universe!
  • Astroguards, defenders of the Union
  • Sleazoids, sinister serpent clans of the stars
  • Beefheads, mysterious amphibian warriors
  • Necronauts, uknowable undead horrors
  • Plus episode recaps, an overview of the various star powers, an interview with Arty Stradivarius, and more!
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