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Schlocklog Issue 2

$ 12.00 USD
Issue 2 jumps back to the dawn of the Star Schlock saga! Relive the early adventures of Captain Curt and the Explorer Corps on their mission to rescue the marooned crew of the Ulysses. After encountering a strange black obelisk floating in the depths of the space, the mysterious object whisks the crew of the Ulysses to a distant planet, home of the fearsome space apes! PREORDER BONUS: This issue ships in 2 to 4 weeks. Preorder now and get a free figure!


  • A 36 page print magazine packed with info! New articles  as well as classic reprints featuring the heroes and villains of the original first few seasons of the Star Schlock saga.
  • The Explorer Corps, exploring the Frontier beyond the Union's borders
  • Simian Kingdom, the brutal assault troops of the Totalitarian Dominions
  • Higher Ideals, strategies to enhance the abilities of your forces in the Star Schlock Battle Game
  • Ammo Raid, a new scenario featuring explosive volatile cargo prone to explosive detonation!
  • Plus the muster roll for generating a random Explorer Corps crew, behind the scenes details on the space apes nefarious King Trogg, classic news, and more!

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